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Saturday 22 January 2022

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the talented Dean Nenadich and taking some photos of him in his studio. Dean is a Brisbane artist now based in Melbourne. His artwork consists of versatile mediums from warped words of poetry to colourful portraits and love- making scenes.

It is likely that you have seen his sometimes comedic sometimes dark poetry stickers around town

The black and white photography don’t do his artwork any justice but it was nice to capture him in his art space. 

You can view his most recent art work HERE…

I also have to give a big shout out to Burn City Rum! Get yourself a bottle ASAP!


Wednesday 15 December 2021

I wanted to give this film a go a while ago but didn’t quite understand how it worked.

I picked up four rolls and tried them in a couple different cameras. I was very happy with the results, great blacks and greys and a lot of grain. I was exploring some abandoned buildings at the time, trying to find some dim lighting to see what this film can do.

Here are some of my results.

Pressure cooker

Thursday 28 October 2021

There were many different reasons why many different people came together on this week in Melbourne I don’t think I will ever forget.

Whether for body autonomy,  anti mandate, anti-vax or just to see something happen after a long time of a lot of nothing, some days felt very communal.


I’m not going to get too political, I’m just displaying what I saw on those days.





Is this urbex?

Thursday 7 October 2021

I’ ve been trying to keep myself busy and create something to show for my time. With limited freedom of movement, I have had to find new ways to keep my mind from wandering too much. I was lucky to have moved to a new area that I wasn’t too familiar with.

My curiosity taking me deeper into uncharted territories often leading to strange encounters with people and wildlife. 

From hollow bridges to abandoned warehouses, prison yards to decommissioned train yards. The world is yours.

NERVE Rappertag- Season 2

Thursday 29 July 2021

Rapper tag is back for season 2 after a 9 year hiatus.

I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to shoot this for NERVE. He absolutely killed his verse over this self produced beat. 

Check it out!

You can view his other bodies of work on his youtube channel.



Sunday 27 June 2021

Caught up with KILL TRAVIS to shoot some cover art for his new album Secret Chief, make sure you check it out as it is out now!

The cover art is my photography as well as Travis’ illustration.

I can see big things in the future for this guy. Go run those views up!!!

Road to Swan Hill

Thursday April 1 2021

The boys from Posseshot and I went on an adventure to solve some Mallee mysteries. Kharni’s childhood skatepark had been dismantled and moved to another location, it was up to us to find where it had gone…

I had an absolute ball on this journey, I got shown a lot in a short amount of time and loved every minute of it.

You can check out their music and music videos here.